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NYC Lawyer Reviews & Testimonials

Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney - Estate Planning & Medicaid

Receiving client testimonials and reviews feels great. Here are a few of our favorites:

“Sarah was a true blessing in that she is reliable, and her follow-up was always fast and efficient. She communicated all information and explained it in a way that was easy to understand. Always made time for any questions, and she dealt with us with the utmost care and concern.”

Carolyn M. – Source: Google Reviews

“Never keeps me waiting, always professional, made my mother feel very comfortable with the process of creating a living will.”

Jean M. – Source: Google Reviews

“I got to him after a problem with one attorney and another attorney that did not keep their word. Paul is extremely patient, wants to understand what you want and creates documents that represent your clear wishes.”

Emma B. – Source: Google Reviews

“Sarah was in harmony with me and helped me in designing an estate plan. Luckily she found the most acceptable one for me and thank you for that!”

Leona S. – Source: Google Reviews